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Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Verde Valley
Six section, six roomette, four double bedroom Pullman

Verde Valley at Houston
Verde Valley at the Gulf Coast Railroad Museum's original location, Houston Union Station.
Photo by B. D. Marsh.
AT&SF Pullman Verde Valley is one of 26 identical sleeping cars delivered to the railroad by Pullman Standard in early 1942.  These cars, with three different bedroom types, saw service on many Santa Fe sleeping car routes.

Three of the 26 Valley series sleepers originally were assigned to Chicago-Kansas City-Tulsa service, while the remaining cars were assigned to the Chicago-Texas-California California Limited, although the cars could be found in other consists, notably the famous Chief, as well.  

After World War II, the Verde Valley ran regularly in Santa Fes Temple, Texas, to California service, originally named the Texan westbound and California Special eastbound, with the California through cars connecting with Santa Fe Chicago to California trains in Clovis, New Mexico.  The service was extended from Temple to Houston in 1948, and after this the Verde Valley was found regularly at Houston Union Station.  

In 1954, the Texan name was dropped and the train was known in both directions as the California Special until Santa Fe discontinued the service in 1968.  Santa Fe donated the car to the Gulf Coast Railroad Museum in 1969.

Verde Valley is named after an area of Arizona known for its non-desert qualities (verde is Spanish for green).  Facilities in the car, which is called a “6-6-4”, include six open sections with upper and lower berths; six roomettes (sleeping one person each); and four double bedrooms (for two persons each).  Bedrooms and roomettes feature sinks and toilets; section passengers had access to four general lavatories.

The photos below apparently were taken by a Pullman Standard photographer when theValley series cars were new.  At left is a view of a roomette in a Valley series car.  At right are four of the six open sections.  Santa Fe made few alterations to the Verde Valley over the years, the most apparent being the blanking of small windows in the open sections' upper berths and a truck change.


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