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Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway No. 2350
Alco S-2 Switcher built 1945

No. 2350 was one of 70 model S-2 diesel switchers built by Alco-GE for Santa Fe between 1942 and 1949.  No. 2350 was built in 1945.

No. 2350 was donated to the Gulf Coast Railroad Museum in 1999 by General Electric International, Inc.  The locomotive had been used by GE at its Houston heavy equipment repair facility, but became surplus when most rail-related work was moved from the Houston plant to north Texas.

Preliminary research indicates No. 2350 worked primarily in California after delivery to ATSF by Alco-GE.  The unit transferred to Amarillo, Texas, in the early 1970s.  Santa Fe retired the locomotive in 1977.  The 1,000 hp locomotive's trail from Amarillo to the GE facility in Houston is not yet known.  The locomotive retained its ATSF number while in service with GE.

In the photo below, Gulf Coast Railroad Museum volunteers inspect the locomotive in preparation for its move to the museum.  The locomotive moved to the museum on its own wheels, thanks to the efforts of museum volunteers and the assistance of General Electric and Union Pacific Railroad.

It takes volunteers with big wrenches to get a locomotive ready to move on the mainline. 


Below:  Ron Matthews caught No. 2350 being moved into the Museum grounds.

2350 arrives at the Houston Railroad Museum


In early June 2002, museum volunteers put No. 2350 back in running order.  Above, Museum Director Britt Bettell checks the gauges, while below Herman McCoy serves as brakeman on the first load test.

ATSF 2350 at Los Angeles

No. 2350 is shown above at Los Angeles on Jan. 19, 1968.  Photo from the Don Ross Collection. 

Here is a late in life view of No. 2350.  The photographer comments, "A walk across the Mt. Vernon Avenue viaduct back in late '77 afforded this vista of retired S2s. It was like watching a piece of my childhood vanish."  Photo © 2006 by Lowell Amrine.

No. 2350 on the deadline at San Bernadino

No. 2350 eventually will be restored to one of its Santa Fe paint schemes, perhaps as modeled in the photo below by sister Alco No. 2326.  We need photos of No. 2350 in service on the ATSF.  If you can help, email Tom Marsh.
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