Texas Railroading Heritage Museum

The Texas Railroading Heritage Museum (TRHM) is being developed as an effort of Houston-based Gulf Coast Chapter - National Railway Historical Society, Inc. (GCMX). The GCMX was formed in 1967 and has been acquiring vintage rail cars, locomotives and equipment since that time. The GCMX also has an extensive library of historical railroad documents.

TRHM and GCMX are searching for a new site for the museum. Once a site has been identified and acquired, fundraising will begin to construct track and bring the vintage railcars to the site.


Our mission is to educate the public about the history of railroads and railroaders in Texas through a hands-on and interactive exhibit of historic locomotives, railcars and other artifacts.

According to the American Alliance of Museums (of which we are a member), children who visit a museum during kindergarten have higher achievement scores in reading, mathematics and science in third grade than children who do not. Children who are most at risk for deficits and delays in achievement also see this benefit. We intend work with area schools to offer one-day educational programs for elementary schools.

We also plan to develop STEM programs for older students. Our goal is to get every child in the Houston area an opportunity to visit the museum at least once in their educational career. Once the museum opens, most of our public programs will be centered around this education mission.


Throughout the planning, fundraising, building and operation of the museum we will depend heavily on community support. Right now we are looking for volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors and our Advisory Board, and to help us with Marketing and Fundraising.

To volunteer your services, please send an email to: president@texasrrmuseum.org.

The Texas Railroading Heritage Museum needs your help to support our education and preservation efforts, whether through volunteering your time and talents, donating artifacts to enhance the museum collection or through cash contributions in support of the museumís development and operation.

Cash donations are particularly important to us at this stage of developing the physical plant at which we can launch great museum experiences and educational opportunities. No donation is too small or too large. Donations from community members indicate community support for the museum, which can be a determining factor in the award of larger grants from philanthropic organizations.

To make a donation by credit or debit card, click on any donate button on this page.

TRHM is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization incorporated in the State of Texas and donations to the museum may be tax-deductible.



ATSF 2350 Alco S-2 switcher, 1945
HB&T 14 Alco S-2 switcher, 1945
Texas Mexican 510 Baldwin DS44-750 switcher, 1949

Passenger, Railway Mail and Express Cars:
AMTRAK 3395 lounge car (ex-ATSF), 1950
ATSF 1890 end-door express car, 1928
ATSF 3401 baggage-Railway Post Office car, 1938
GM&O Alton parlor car, 1947
KCS Good Cheer tavern lounge observation car, 1940
MKT New Braunfels chair car, 1955
MP Eagle Chasm sleeping car, 1949
SP 10212 Sunset Limited Audobon Room dining car, 1950
SP&S 50 mail storage car (originally baggage-RPO), 1915
T&P 1114 baggage car, 1920

Freight cars:
CSOX 2198 tank car, 1927
MHAX 1237 helium car, 1955
MKT 6 cupola caboose, 1949
SP 4696 bay window caboose, 1979
TrailerTrain Co. 92309 intermodal flat car, 1967

Other Equipment:
Fairmont Track Speeder

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For more information, email president@texasrrmuseum.org

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